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About Us
Unlocking Solutions through Collaboration 

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Purpose:         The optimisation of procurement outcomes through leadership and collaboration.
Vision:            To be recognised as the leading source of knowledge and information on government procurement, construction, asset management and property.
Mission:          To advise governments and provide leadership to industry on procurement, contruction, asset management and property, by:
        • initiating policy developments to promote excellence in procurement, asset management, property and construction
        • adding value to the way governments work with the private sector to deliver services to the community
        • providing a forum for suppliers and government buyers to interchange ideas and knowledge
        • participating in the development and promotion of e-business.


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The Australasian Procurement and Construction Council Inc (APCC) is the peak council whose members are responsible for procurement, construction and asset management policy for Australian State and Territory Governments.  Papua New Guinea is an associate member. The APCC is made up of 11 member agencies.

Over the past 50 years, the APCC has established itself as a leader in government procurement, construction and asset management strategies and practice.  The work of the APCC is committed to procurement innovation, solutions and efficiencies designed to create savings and maximise service delivery to the communities of Australia and Papua New Guinea.

The APCC promotes a cohesive government procurement environment and manages national projects for the Council of Australian Governments.  It harnesses the benefits of nationally consistent approaches for its members.

Our Work
The APCC Council of Chief Executive Officers leads the direction of the APCC, while the Special Interest Groups drivesthe overall work program. 
The projects within the APCC are multi-faceted and collaborative. Each project has a dedicated Working Group, which progresses the aims, with support from the Directorate. The Working Groups meet regularly by teleconference, face-to-face and online.
The APCC community is made up of individuals with a wealth of skills and expertise. Collectively, it represents the hub for procurement excellence. Experts from each member jurisdiction collaborate on projects, creating a knowledge network.
The APCC provides a single, national interface between government and the construction industry and undertakes a consultative, liaison and leadership role. With its member jurisdictions, the APCC is acting as a leader to encourage improvements in the procurement processes within the construction industry.
In partnership with industry, the APCC is developing initiatives aimed at increasing productivity, competitiveness and long-term sustainability for the procurement and construction industries and the benefit of the Australian and Papua New Guinean communities.



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Strategic Goals 2012-2017
The APCC has identified five strategic goals to optimise procurement outcomes through its leadership and collaboration over the next five years (see copy Strategic Plan 2012-2017).
  1. Enhanced management and performance of government assets
  2. Procurement capability development
  3. Procurement as a strategic function
  4. Smarter procurement and construction solutions
  5. Enhanced jurisdictional collaboration
The APCC Directorate
The APCC Directorate has responsibility for the day-to-day running of the APCC and takes an overarching coordination role in managing the work program. Through its administration of all projects, the Directorate creates synergies across projects and between member agencies. It also liaises with external stakeholders.
Executive Director​  -  Teresa Scott

Contact Details
Australasian Procurement and Construction Council Inc.
Suite D, 2 Geils Court
Deakin ACT 2600
PO Box 106
Deakin West ACT 2600
Phone 02 6285 2255
Fax 02 6282 3787