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Procurement of Construction Products - A guide to achieving compliance

On 1 September 2014, the Australiasian Procurement and Construction Council (APCC), launched the APCC Procurement of Construction Products – A guide to achieving compliance (the Guide).
A 2nd Edition was released in November 2015.  The Guide now recognises 34 industry led product accreditation schemes and guidance information across a range of building product categories including reinforcing and structural steel, cementitious materials for concrete, wood products, glazing products, electrical products, fire safety services, plumbing products, insulation products, coating products and building products.
The Guide is an important and valuable contribution to the efficiency and reliability of the building and construction industry. This Guide has been jointly developed by 30 key construction industry stakeholders and supported by many others. 
Teresa Scott, Executive Director of the APCC said
   "That the Guide will increase awareness, provide guidance, understanding, and improved decision making in the procurement and compliance issues of construction products. 
   It is hoped that the Guide will provide procurers with greater clarity, reduce confusion and assist to ‘de-mystify’ matters relating to the conformance of construction products in Australia. 
   The guidance and conformity assessment schemes included in the Appendix provide useful and practical information and reference for procurers.
   The Guide fills an existing void by providing a solid non-regulatory and invaluable tool for the procurement of construction products in Australia and providing a level of confidence for all   
   stakeholders involved in building and construction project delivery."