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International Association for Commercial and Contract Management
Take advantage of FREE individual membership to IACCM when participating in a course.
To enhance the public sector's commercial and contract management capability, APCC has partnered with the International Association for Contract and Commercial Management, (IACCM), to provide a flexible online learning solution.
This partnership offers the unpackaging  of the existing IACCM Commerical and Contract Management Certificate to accommodate those who may not wish to pursue a full qualification.
The unpackaging includes the self-assessment, identification of the gaps in the commercial and contract management skills and recommends which modules of the 40 available should be pursued.
This enables targeted professional development.

Who is this available to?

This offer is available to all three tiers of government and those with commercial and contract management responsibilities.

How much?

There are three options available:
1. Self-assessment module
An individual can undertake a self-assessment to identify gaps in capability and, following a review, is able to fill the gap through online access to 40 modules within a 3 month period. 
Cost:  US$200
2. Certification
An individual can to continue to the exam and certification and/or access the modules for a further 9 months
Cost:  US$600
3. Full package
Self assessment + 12 months access to modules and exam for certification in one easy payment
Cost:  US$800

This unique APCC offer also entitles you with FREE 12 months membership to IACCM and its wealth of research, saving US$200

Register now

To register go to
If you have completed the 3 month self-assessment trial and wish to upgade to obtain certification, go to