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Commercial Officers Group has embraced the vision that you – the commercial practitioner - deserve a “seat at the table”.  You are the champion of high-yield contracts and commercial relationships, and COG is the leading enabler of that effort.  COG is passionate in making this happen and have commenced a mission to provide you the resources needed to make this vision a reality. Every Commercial Officer has their own unique requirements. If there is anything that you need which you cannot find on COG’s website, please let them know. It is likely that COG has the resource and solution.

Procurement and Supply Australasia (PASA) is the leading provider of information and education to procurement and supply professionals throughout Australia and New Zealand. PASA supports the largest community of engaged procurement stakeholders in the region, through its renowned series of events, publications, awards, plus various community and network building activities.


Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply – We are the voice and standard, defining and amplifying best practice. As the awarding body for the profession we lead in education and training. We provide insights, information and tools for our members and we help build capability within organisations. Through all our work, we build a global network of professionals powering procurement and supply.

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Founded in 2004, AcademyGlobal is a leading corporate and government training firm. Our mission is to build capability by designing and delivering engaging and rewarding learning experiences that build confidence, expertise and knowledge. Through our alliances with professional bodies, universities and management associations, we combine academic rigour with intensive workshop facilitation and engaging online learning. Our faculty have held senior management roles in commercial organisations and government agencies, with deep expertise in procurement, contract management, finance, project management and risk management.

CASME is the leading membership community for corporate indirect procurement, with more than 16,000 subscribers from 200+ global companies. Vital support is provided for the entire procurement team through access to the latest insights, category trends, best practice and ability to benchmark and network with other organisations. All of CASME’s events and services are delivered without the influence of suppliers, sponsors or consultants.

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Comprara is an international procurement and spend management consultancy providing strategic and tactical procurement advice to organizations across Australia and globally. We support private, listed organizations as well as State and Federal agencies with the delivery of procurement strategy, tactical procurement delivery, market analysis and procurement-focused data analytics, benchmarking, probity, and policy development.

Comprara specializes in reviewing the procurement process and leading transformations driven by stakeholder engagement and data-driven insights that improve the compliance and maturity of procurement service as envisioned by CPO’s and Executives. With our international background in procurement consulting, Comprara has developed a number of additional solutions to support our clients beyond the project space. With the overall goal of increasing procurement maturity, our SkillsGAP Analysis and Academy of Procurement platforms allow organizations to uplift commercial capability by investing in their people.

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Local Government Procurement (LGP) is a not-for-profit organisation and a ‘prescribed entity’ by legislation.  It was established to create aggregated procurement arrangements for NSW councils.  LGP through its business unit LG Training Academy (RTO 45450), provides targeted training for those in procurement, both government and the private sector.

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At Kiah, our business is to enhance the delivery of public services: through the public and private sectors, and at the juncture of the two. 


We focus on delivering the effect the client seeks, by building executable strategies, and executing them. We use the tools of negotiation, mediation, business and strategy to disrupt the norm, break free of constraints, recover from risk, plan a better way. If you are not getting the outcomes you want, or you need a rapid result, we help. 


We deliver major breakthroughs for our clients — saving hundreds of millions of dollars, innovating, resolving, challenging, and turning around programs that are in disarray.  Kiah brings commercial perspectives to the public sector and public sector insights to the private sector. We are driven by the understanding that by serving you expertly in this way, we all achieve something bigger. 


Our legacy is to leave our clients with public service operations that have a sustainable future. 

SkillsIQ Ltd is a not-for-profit, independent Skills Service Organisation supporting a range of Industry Reference Committees (IRCs) to undertake training product development that ensures skills meet future industry needs. SkillsIQ objectives include facilitating IRCs to advise the Australian Government via the Australian Industry and Skills Committee (AISC) on positioning Australia to respond to additional demands for services as our population ages and to capitalise on synergies across the services sector to increase career pathways and mobility and recruitment of young people.

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