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PASA Agile Procurement Training (June)

June 2022 - 27th, 28th and 29th

  • Ended
  • 1,845 Australian dollars
  • Online

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Agile procurement is a more effective approach to achieving better sourcing outcomes. During the early stages of the pandemic crisis, stakeholders saw real responsiveness from procurement teams, a sense of urgency, genuine alignment to stakeholder needs, hands-on business problem solving and far less process demands. It was a big help and a welcome relief for stressed department heads. The risk for procurement now is that these stakeholders will want (and expect) this level of service in future. An AGILE approach can help deliver this. When performed correctly, Agile Procurement delivers: *A faster time to Market *Clarifies customer perspective/s early and throughout the procurement journey *A collaborative approach to create solutions the work better on complex projects *Capture benefits much earlier in the procurement journey *4x faster process - from the purchase idea to 1st Value delivered *Requiring ½ the amount of effort *Enables better cross-functional collaboration – including with suppliers *Drives innovation in developing solutions *Can use less procurement resources over the life of the project *An agile approach costs less for suppliers For $1,845 (inc. GST) and three part-day's commitment, you can accelerate your professional development and career. *For multiple bookings (4+) please contact us for the option to pay via invoice*

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