A Career in Procurement

Attractive and competitive salary

According to 2021 CIPS/Hays salary survey, the average salary for all Australia & New Zealand procurement and supply chain professionals are AUD $140,636 & NZD $130,427. 

  • Advanced Professional level (AUD $205k) & (NZD $191k) (ie. Procurement Director)

  • Professional Level (AUD $158k) & (NZD $133k) (ie. Procurement Manager)

  • Operational level (AUD $103k) & (NZD $107k) (ie. Procurement Specialist) 

International employment opportunities

With an increasingly globalised supply chain, procurement activity is carried out globally, providing vast international employment opportunities.


Continuing professional development/ Steep growth curve

Procurement is moving from a focus on transactional activities, to one which is much more strategic and outcomes focused.  It has seen an increase in the scale and scope of procurement activities, and a greater capacity to achieve increasingly complex outcomes. This means that there is an extensive pathway to continuing professional development. 

High in demand

Current estimates are that ANZ procurement is worth at least $600 billion a year. As both the public and private sector have had to increase responses to the COVID-19 pandemic and deliver on major infrastructure programs, procurement professionals are in high demand. 

Opportunity to drive national and global change

Procurement plays a critical role from protecting national security, tackling climate change, to combatting modern slavery.

See below for procurement case studies.

What's In It For Me?

Opportunities, Recruitment and Training

If you'd like to find out about what roles are available in government procurement, click on the relevant government link, below.

ACT -      jobs.act.gov.au

COMM -  finance.gov.au/about-us/careers and financejobs.nga.net.au

NSW -    iworkfor.nsw.gov.au/procurement

NT -         jobs.nt.gov.au or email Procurement.nt@nt.gov.au

NZ -         jobs.govt.nz

QLD -      qld.gov.au/jobs/finding/graduates and smartjobs.qld.gov.au

SA -         iworkfor.sa.gov.au and Procurement.sa.gov.au

TAS -       jobs.tas.gov.au

VIC -        careers.vic.gov.au and hpv.org.au/about-us/careers

WA -        search.jobs.wa.gov.au

Transferrable Skills and Why Procurement?

Hear from three industry professionals in procurement in our latest testimonial video. Have you ever considered a professional career in procurement? We ask them to explore why they chose procurement as a profession, how their skills are transferrable to other career paths and what keeps them enticed to continue with the profession.

Case Studies: Procurement Projects