About the APCC

The APCC exists to deliver quality engagement and resources.


In 1967, the APCC was created by government for government, to enable members to work together to collaborate and provide leadership to the broader public sector and relevant industries. The APCC does this by harnessing and leveraging the extensive knowledge and expertise of members to generate innovative solutions that add value to what and how they buy and build, and how they manage their assets.


We enhance the proficiency and stature of the profession by continually developing and applying knowledge and professional competence.


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Council Member Authorities


The APCC has numerous member agencies across Australia and New Zealand.  The following is a list of those agencies who are members at our Council level.

To find out if your agency is already member at Affiliate level, contact us.

Department of Finance, Australian Government
Department of Defence, Australian Government
Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, New Zealand Government
Department of Treasury, NSW
Department of Regional, NSW
Department of Finance, WA
Department of Treasury and Finance, SA
Department of Infrastructure and Transport, SA
Department of Treasury and Finance, VIC
Department of Energy and Public Works, QLD
Department of Transport and Main Roads, QLD
Department of Industry, Tourism and Trade, NT
Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics, NT
Chief Minister, Treasury and Economic Development Directorate, ACT
Major Projects Canberra, ACT