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Major Committees


Council of Chief Executives

Effectively acting as the board for APCC, our most senior jurisdictional representatives provide the strategic direction of the APCC.


ICT Commercial Strategies Special Interest Group

Designed to support the delivery of smarter ICT procurement practices and solutions, with value for money outcomes at its core


ANZ Health Procurement Roundtable

Leveraging the combined knowledge and expertise in government health procurement to deliver best value

Crane Scaffolding 2

Construction and Asset Management Special Interest Group

Identifies the need for construction and asset management based procurement solutions at both the policy and delivery level. This group regularly consults with industry

Digital social media

Digital Procurement Special Interest Group

Dedicated to adding value to jurisdictional projects regarding digitising and transforming procurement

Office Building

Government Property Group

Adding value and promoting excellence in the way government delivers property solutions, with a focus on office accommodation.


Chess Pieces Close-up

Strategic Procurement Special Interest Group

Typically covering goods and services procurement, assists members in sourcing solutions to procurement challenges and strive towards innovative practices


Procurement of Education Goods & Services

Leveraging each other's learnings in procurement of education goods and services to support delivery of education, early childhood and training services

Collating Data

Procurement Capability Development Forum

Focuses on the enhancement of skills and professionalism of procurement officers in a nationally coordinated way


Australasian BIM Advisory Board

Provides leadership to improve productivity and project outcomes through the adoption of Building Information Modelling


Women in Government Property

Support network for women working and building careers in the government property sector


Interactive Roundtables (IRTs)

Convened as teleconferences or videoconferences, IRTs allow category specific discussion amongst public sector executives. Topics evolve with discussion and address up-to-the-minute issues, such as (but not limited to)

  • social procurement

  • category level discussions

  • category management techniques

  • construction procurement technologies

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