Membership to the APCC is open to government authorities, not individuals. Agencies can join at two levels:​​

  1. APCC Council level - giving automatic access to many of APCC's committees/groups and input into the strategic direction of the APCC

  2. Affiliate level - access to one or more of our major committees/groups.

Many of our Interactive Roundtables and events are convened for the benefit of the public sector and require no membership to participate. Contact the APCC for information and subscribe to our e-news to receive notifications for upcoming events.

The APCC is both an intelligence centre for its members, and an overall leader in advancing procurement

Benefits of membership

The APCC takes its members beyond a single jurisdictional approach, providing access to an Australasian collective of leaders in the four discipline areas of procurement, construction, asset management, and property management, to generate innovative solutions. 

The APCC is both an Intelligence Centre for its members, and an overall leader in Advancing Procurement.​​

We source information for our members that crosses internal and external boundaries 

This information is not available through any other mechanism

Insights allow staff to deliver the greatest possible value

Agencies can derive significant savings and efficiencies in spend, time and effort through development of best practice, and sharing of approaches, documents and materials

Therefore, Members:

Avoid duplication in effort and resources

Leverage the expertise and experience within the membership, contributing to professional development

Access innovative business solutions, strategies, materials and tools

Participate in opportunities to buy and build better

Have the opportunity to compare and improve

APCC membership helps your staff deliver the greatest possible value for your organisation, stakeholders and clients



Various committees have been established to drive projects and initiatives that are designed to identify and realise immediate and future savings, efficiencies and create value that considers the needs of the end-users: the community.  Read more


To enquire about membership, please contact us