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Australasian Procurement Professionalisation Agenda

The public sector procurement profession, including contract management, is the dedicated workforce that has the primary responsibility for championing government outcomes through agency procurement spend in collaboration with service providers.

The Australasian Procurement and Construction Council (APCC), representing Australian and New Zealand government jurisdictions, has developed a five-year collaborative Australasian Procurement Professionalisation Strategy to deliver a professional procurement capability that delivers effective solutions to achieve public outcomes.


After extensive community consultation, in conjunction with international procurement professional bodies and the private sector, the APCC's Procurement Capability Development Forum and the Procurement and Contracting Network has finalised the following documents which provide a standard role definition of procurement and list of the core capabilities necessary to support a career in procurement.

Government procurement needs people with an interest in commercial risk and strong interpersonal skills. If these capabilities describe you, perhaps you should consider a role in procurement.

Identifying and Engaging with Risk, Business Law, Industry Engagement, Governance and Assurance, Planning, Sourcing, Evaluation and Negotiation, Contract Development and Management

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Data Literacy, Digital Literacy, Decision Making, Financial Management, Grants Management, Leadership, Workforce Management, Managing Innovation, Policy, Project Management, Working with Government, Working with People



If You Want to Make a Difference, Then This Is the Career for You.

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Professional Bodies 

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